Paseo a caballo San Pedro

Our rides go trough ancient paths over the hills of Chiloé, which were used by old wood workers and other original island inhabitants.

We are surrounded by a dense humid forest. The ground is covered by ferns, Quila (local bamboo) and Nalcas among others and towards the sky we find tall trees like Coihue (Nothofagus Dombeyi),Ulmo, Arrayan,Tepa, Canelo, etc . Here is where you can find the smallest deer in the world, with the perfect size to roam in these woods, the Pudú (Pudus puda). Coipos(Myocastor coypus),Chungungungos otter(Lontra felina), and Wild Boar are also part of this area’s fauna.

The sounds you will hear are waterfalls and birds that inhabit this dense forest. Mainly Chucao (Scelorchilus rubecula).On the banks of the river you can spot the magnificent Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis).

We have different horse breeds in our fields, a mixed one between the short and strong local breed and the tall and flexible Chilean horse. A couple of years ago we started raising Arabian horses, magnificent specimens, mainly used for equestrian enduro races.

We have horses for every type of rider, experienced who would like an advanced ride and for beginners who may be afraid and need an tame horse to learn how to be around and get to trust them.