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Reactivation Campaign for Tourism in Chiloe

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Enjoy our daily departures on set dates to the most popular destinations the archipelago has to offer

Mondays and Fridays –Punihuil Penguin Colony and Historic Ancud. CLP$50.000.- per person. This tour will take us north of the island of Chiloe with its beautiful scenery and rich local history side. We will visit the Bay of Puñihuil, declared Natural Monument for being the only place in the world where Humboldt and Magellanic penguins nest side by side. We take a boat that will lead us to the islets where for half an hour we will see penguins cormorants and other birds. We disembark for lunch at a local restaurant where you can sample the freshest products from the countryside and the sea. Then we go to the city of Ancud, which was once the capital of Chiloe, where we visit the “Friends of the Churches of Chiloé Foundation” museum which plays an important role in the restoration and dissemination of these Unesco world heritage monuments.

Tuesdays and Sundays – Dalcahue and Quinchao Island. CLP$45.000.- per person. We travel to the city of Dalcahue from where we take the ferry to the second largest island of the archipelago, Quinchao. We will visit the Unesco world heritage churches of Achao (oldest) and Quinchao (largest). After lunch at a local restaurant, we will stop in Curaco de Velez with its beautiful old houses and interesting Visitor Center. Back in Dalcahue, we will visit its World Heritage church, its important local craft market, and traditional cookeries before returning to the hotel.

Wednesdays – East Coast. World Heritage Churches and coastal villages. CLP$45.000.- per person. We travel to the East coast of Chiloé. We start the day visiting the village of Quemchi which the prominent Chilean writer Francisco Coloane described as ” the town of the thousand landscapes.” We continue to the botanic island of Aucar. Then we visit the world heritage church of Colo (smallest) and have lunch at a local restaurant. We then continue towards the world heritage church of Tenaún, known for its three towers. Our next destination is the world heritage church in the village of San Juan and its boat building yard which allow us to learn more about the labor of the “Maestros de Ribera”. On our way back to Castro, we pass through Dalcahue to visit its craft market and recently restored Unesco World Heritage Church.

Thursday and Saturdays – Chiloe National Park and City of Chonchi. CLP$45.000.- per person. We will travel to Cucao in the South-West area of the Island. Our first stop will be the small village of Huillinco where we will visit its pier and a peculiar Chilote Cemetery. We will continue our journey bordering the Huillinco and Cucao lakes all the way to the National Park in Cucao on the Pacific side of the island. We will visit the park´s interesting and informative Visitor Center and walk into the Tepual Trail (about a mile). We will then drive to see and feel the imposing 25km (15 mi.) beach of Cucao. On our way back, we will stop at a local agro tourism for a typical Chilote lunch. After lunch we will head to the town of Chonchi where we will visit its Unesco World Heritage church, and interesting local museum before returning to the hotel.

Prices are per person on a shared service with a minimun of 2 guests and a maximum of 15. Excursions include transportation, bilingual guide (spa/eng), snack/trail mix and admissions and/or navigations. Lunch is not included, but there are options and time for this. Itineraries and dates can vary depending on weather conditions or other factors. More infornation send us an email to